Daily Pricelist

price list for caravan and camping site - 2021


23 zł

Children 7 – 16

18 zł

Children 0 – 6

0 zł

Studenci/Students above 16 (current school,university ID required)

19 zł

Tent up to 2 people

20 zł

Tent for 3 and up for 4 people

26 zł

Tent for 5 and up for 6 people 27zł

37 zł

Tent for 7 or more people

45 zł



Camper Van type

31 zł

Camper up to 6.50m

45 zł

Camper 6.50m – 8.00m

62 zł

Camper 8.00m - 9.00m

110 zł

Camper XXXL above 9.00m

160 zł

Small caravan up to 5.50m

22 zł

Large caravan 5.50m – 8.00m

34 zł

Extra-large caravan above 8.00m

45 zł

Camper/caravan - empty

50 zł/daily

Passenger car

24 zł


29 zł


17 zł

Small trailer

17 zł

Wi-Fi Hot Spot


Electric energy

25 zł

Camper and caravan porch

22 zł

Camper and caravan sewage disposal


Portable water source


eco climate fee/

4,80 zł/per night/per person

Refundable deposit for the ‘plastic access key’

20 zł/per stay

WiFi hot spot


We warmly invite you to our restaurant!

Breakfast and other meals to be served

Choice and prices according to menu

Attention! Holders of PFCC membership cards and Euro 26 receive a 10% discount. This excludes the eco climate fee which is obligatory for everyone.

For security reasons and identification of different types of holiday packages, guests will be provided by Reception with VIP wrist bands on the day of check in; wearing those wrist band is OBLIGATORY! If you sign ‘check in form’, you agree automatically to the above clause! If you break this rule, we are entitled to expel you & and your stuff from our territory without being obliged to return money for unused stay.

Prices given above are inclusive of VAT



1 hour

15 PLN

next hour

10 PLN

12 hours / 24 hours

50 PLN / 60 PLN

Child seat 1 hour

10 PLN

Child seat next hour

10 PLN

Child seat 12 hours / 24 hours

25 PLN / 30 PLN

SUP small: 1 hour / day

15 PLN / 80 PLN

SUP big: 1 hour / day

20 PLN / 100 PLN

Canoe SGL: 1 hour / day

15 PLN / 80 PLN

Canoe DBL: 1 hour / day

20 PLN / 100 PLN

Canoe TRP: 1 hour / day

30 PLN / 130 PLN

In order to rent a bike, please contact the Reception.
We kindly inform you that the speed limit on the bike paths in Sopot is max. 10 km/h.

In the case of damage or loss of equipment, the borrower covers its adequate repair costs or the value of the bicycle.

Occasional events

Our holiday center organizes special events for companies and individuals: weddings, parties etc. Please submit an inquiry about their organization at tel. +48 690 273 810

VIP type wristbands

For security reasons and for identifying the types of holiday packages and the type of stay, guests will be provided with VIP type wristbands at the Reception desk.

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Other ways to contact us

During the season our Reception is open from  7:00 to 23:00,
and out of season from 9:00 to 18:00.
There is possibility of access to the camping site and accommodation to the bungalows 24 hours a day!