Restaurant 45

Sea of health!

We are inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, we use only seasonal and local products.
We prepare our meals in accordance with the principles of balanced healthy nutrition.
We invite you to our restaurant.



Home-made hummus 17 pln

Served with celery, red paprika, fresh carrot slices, fresh cucumber and crispy salads topped with saffron milk cup oil (from our oil press), home-made bread

Smoked trout from gdansk smokehouse 24 pln

Served on carrot and leek pies, pickled quail egg in beetroots, crispy lettuce mix topped with pickled lemons and cold pressed rapeseed oil
+ goat cheese from the "Kashubian goat 9pln

baltic herring tartare 16 pln

Red onion, marinated kohlrabi, peppers, sprouts and pickled beetroot, home-made bread, country butter

Turkey pate 15 pln

Turkey, home-made pickles, red onion jam, home-made bread, country butter


Spanish soup with chickpeas 14 pln

Soup of the day 12 pln


Salad with roasted beet 26 pln

Crispy lettuce mix with goat cheese from Kashubia, radish, carrot, orange, dressing made with pickled lemons and cold pressed rapeseed oil

Salad with farm chicken or marinated tofu and truffle potato 25 pln

Crispy lettuce mix, broad beans, tomatoes, red onion, roasted garlic dip with 2% yoghurt, home-made bread

Food bowl

Partridge egg bowl 24 pln

Radish, lettuce mix, pearl barley, fresh pepper, blanched broccoli, marinated carrot, sprouts, cucumber dip with 2% yoghurt

Roasted turkey bowl 28 pln

Baked sweet potatoes, baked beetroot, lentils in tomatoes, marinated kohlrabi, pickled cucumber, dressing made with pickled lemons and cold pressed rapeseed oil

Lentil paste and dried tomatoes bowl 26 pln

Spinach, baked vegetables, string beans, fresh peppers, cherry tomatoes, bulgur porridge, marinated carrots, roasted garlic dip with 2% yoghurt

Main dishes

Beetroot burger 25 pln

Home-made bread roll, baked beetroot burger, mozzarella, tomato, red onion, pickled cucumber, parsley dressing, roasted vegetable fries / crispy lettuce mix
+ goat's cheese from "Kashubian goat" 9pln

Turkey burger 27 pln

Home-made bread roll, ground turkey breast with vegetables, tomato, marinated kohlrabi, red onion, garlic roast dip, roasted vegetable fries / crispy lettuce mix
+ goat's cheese from "Kashubian goat" 9pln

Farm chicken breast 29 pln

Chicken breast, puree from baked truffle potatoes, demi-glace sauce, pumpkin, leek and oyster mushroom salad

Duck leg confit 38 pln

Marinated duck's leg in oranges, caramelized beetroot, roasted sweet potato, plum sauce

Trout in herbs 36 pln

Baked trout fillet, pickled cucumber salad, blanched vegetables

Cod in citrus fruits 37 pln

Stewed cod fillet in citrus fruits, baked sweet potatoes, kale salad, home-made carrot and orange jam

Veal dumplings 22 pln

Caramelized onion, demi-glace sauce, marinated carrot salad

Spaghetti pesto 20 pln

Spaghetti pasta, basil, spinach, nuts, garlic, olive oil, parmesan


Home-made apple pie 14 pln

Served with forest fruit sauce

Roasted seasonal fruits 12 pln

Served on baked shortcake base

Chocolate cake 15 pln

from red kidney beans

Menu for kids

Broth 10 pln

with home-made dumplings

Tomato soup 10 pln

with home-made dumplings

Turkey meatballs 19 pln

in tomato sauce.

Baked cod 21 pln

Spaghetti bolognese 18 pln

with turkey

Jelly 9 pln

from forest fruits

Pancakes 11 pln

Served with roasted apple and fruit sauce

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During the season our Reception is open from  7:00 to 23:00,
and out of season from 9:00 to 18:00.
There is possibility of access to the camping site and accommodation to the bungalows 24 hours a day!